Disable iPhoto from opening when plugging in your iPhone

With iPhoto open: Preferences General Connecting Camera Opens No Application Open Image Capture Launch Image Capture Select the device Display the device options a. Click on that little triangle-in-square icon »

College Isn't Setup for Open Source

My friend, who is graduating from undergrad in the spring, lamented to me about how scarce her GitHub profile was. Some job postings were asking for her profile, and while »

Convert Plist to JSON

As long as you have Xcode installed, you can simply do: plutil -convert json Data.plist -o Data.json »

Converting M4V to MP4 and WEBM with FFmpeg

Newer versions of FFmpeg are awesome. To make sure you have all the goodies for HTML 5 video (for OS X): brew install ffmpeg --with-libvpx --with-libvorbis or if you already »

Getting Started with cURL

cURL is an incredibly powerful tool when working on the web, but getting started (and being useful) with it can take some time. I'm going to walk through what I »

Execution is Hard

I'm an idea person. Maybe you are too. Sometimes, I wish I wasn't. I wish I didn't have ideas that I always thought were good (who knows, maybe some of »

Having Trouble Installing Packages in Emacs?

M-x package-refresh-contents »

Gnarly Head - Pinot Noir

Name: Gnarly Head Region: Caligornia Alcohol: 13.5% Year: 2012 See Dark, much darker than other pinot noirs we've had in class. It seems even black at first glance. There »

Yellow Tail - Riesling

Name: Yellow Tail Region: Australia Alcohol: 12.0% Year: 2012 See Light Yellow, lighter than the chardonnay. Looks clear, and crisp. Smell Not super intense smell. Green Apple, some Pear »

Yellow Tail - Chardonnay

Region: Australia Alcohol: 12.5% Year: 2012 See Golden yellow, not too dark, about what I expect a chardonnay to look like. Darker than Sauvignon Blanc. Smell Smells like green »

Setting up Ghost on Ubuntu with nginx

I use this: http://0v.org/installing-ghost-on-ubuntu-nginx-and-mysql/ »

How to compile C

gcc -ansi -pedantic -Wall »

Tip for Developers on OS X

OSX Terminal: hold option and click a position in the current line to move your cursor to that position. (Source) »

Knowing the Formula, how I lost 30 pounds in 50 days.

I stepped onto the scale in my coworkers bathroom. I couldn't remember the last time I had stepped onto a scale; probably a year or so, and I had definitely »

Install ZSH on Ubuntu

Source Because why use bash? »

How Badly

Audio Clip Listened to this twice. Incredibly inspirational. »

One Liner For Retinizing Images

Source for file in *; do mv "$file" "${file%.*}@2x.${file##*.}"; done »

UITableViewCell Editing with AutoLayout

Source - (void)awakeFromNib { [super awakeFromNib]; for (NSLayoutConstraint *cellConstraint in self.constraints) { [self removeConstraint:cellConstraint]; id firstItem = cellConstraint.firstItem == self ? self.contentView : cellConstraint.firstItem; id seccondItem = cellConstraint.secondItem == self ? self »

When Setting Up Postgres For Rails

Memo to me. CREATE ROLE [username] SUPERUSER LOGIN; »

Aspect Ratios