Gnarly Head - Pinot Noir

Name: Gnarly Head
Region: Caligornia
Alcohol: 13.5%
Year: 2012

Gnarly Head


Dark, much darker than other pinot noirs we've had in class. It seems even black at first glance. There is no orange tinge, this is pretty fresh out of the fields.


Very intense. Cherry comes across a lot. Powerful smell, fruit bomb. Even though this is a pinot noir (usually a diva grape) it's new world - prepare yourself.


Yep, there it is. Super fruity. Cherry, fig, plum, it seems to ride across the spectrum as well as through your mouth. It's acidic, your mouth starts watering, but not overpowering so. The tannin comes across nicely, but you only start to feel it in the later sips, it's not super tannic.


The fruit lasts and lasts. For a pinot noir, it's extremely fruity, and tastes great. I definitly would buy it again.